May I have a word about… the language of Formula One

May I have a word about… the language of Formula One

You would have thought that Formula One was a simple sport. Lots of chaps get into very fast cars, squeal away from the starting line, go round and round, some drive into the crash barriers and Lewis Hamilton wins. But no. As F1 returns with today’s Belgian grand prix, the Overtake award for the driver who overtakes the most throughout the season has been announced. An F1 high-up offered this by way of explanation: “The Overtake Award gives us the chance to celebrate drivers’ instincts to make bold and strategic moves which reflects the qualities needed when dealing in cryptocurrency.”

As an exercise in using corporate bilge to try to marry two quite incompatible things, I think you’d have to go a very long way to top that.

Meanwhile, in New York, a pop-up gallery is inviting people to enjoy the paintings of Vincent van Gogh after raising their consciousness by smoking marijuana. One small catch – smoking is not allowed in the exhibition. Never fear. Van Gogh junkies can savour their joint outside as part of a “waterfront consumption lounge experience”. Gawd help us.

Not to be outdone in the twaddle stakes, a Belgian exhibition focusing on representations of the naked body, which opens tomorrow, has invited naturists to a special viewing. According to one report: “The exhibition features 1970s works of ‘hyperrealism’ representing the human body with the aim, according to curators, of ‘offering a perfect illusion, giving the feeling of facing an exact replica of reality’.” The Federation of Belgian Naturists helpfully adds: “Our aim is to provide both intellectual and sensory reflection on how the body is perceived today.”

Do you, like me, sometimes lose the will to live?


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